Affordable Safety Features Found In Acorn Stair Lifts

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Acorn Stair Lifts boast to have the standard safety features to its products in very low prices. The company only manufactures straight stair lifts that utilizes a modern rack and pinion driving system that is run by a motor powered by a 24 DC Volt rechargeable batteries. Its controls are a mechanical joystick at the arm rest and two wireless remote infra-red controls for sending or calling the chair up or down stairs.

Safety features for Acorn Stair Lifts includes five sets of pressure sensors placed at the footstep and its carriage so its most likely to be more sensitive in discerning obstacles on the rail. It is powered by a 24 DC Volt rechargeable batteries that lessens possibility of electrocution or any event of a stranded user during power outages. It also has electronic and mechanical braking system that minimizes jolting or losing balance during sudden stops. Acorn Stair Lifts also comes with inertia lap belt with optional 3-point fixed over shoulder harness. A digital diagnostic display and remote controls helps in intercepting problems in the ride. This company does have standard safety features at a much lesser cost in all other brands of stair lifts.

Acorn stair lifts started around in 1992 and is a fairly young company compared to other affordable stair lift manufacturers like Bison Stairlifts. Its claim for endurance is yet to be proven since it has been in the market for barely seventeen years.

Although Acorn Stair Lifts claims to be installation friendly, standard British and American associations for health care manufacturers regulations discourages a do-it-yourself installation of any stair lift in your home no matter how easy-to-follow the instructions or manuals are for setting any stair lift. A technical person or service should handle the installation works. Acorn Stair Lifts may push easy DIY installation for their star lifts but it is still ill-advised.

This company claims to have around 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Their straight stair lifts claim to work on straight, curved (probably by the method of double installation), narrow and wide staircases. Most reviews about Acorn Stair Lifts give it a few stars for providing affordable modernized versions of the Summit Stairlifts.

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