The Portable Wheelchair Ramp and Its Variants

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A wheelchair ramp is a device that allows any wheelchair user to move up or down or across levels, inclinations that can be permanent, semi-permanent, or portable wheelchair ramp installations. These three types of wheelchair ramps adhere to the ADA wheelchair ramp regulations especially if they are constructed or used in public institutions. A person using a wheelchair without any lift facilities will surely have difficulty in accessing platform steps or any slight change of ground slope in various settings.

You can use a portable wheelchair ramp for its handy portable features practically anywhere in both indoor and outdoor venues. A wheelchair ramp in a residential dwelling and commercial establishments is usually constructed permanently or semi-permanently because of their regular and frequent use. A portable wheelchair ramp can be used in traveling, going to establishments without any wheelchair ramps, and even simply getting in and out of a vehicle. It has many varieties depending on its use and location. Portable suitcase ramps are commonly used in crossing porches and raised landings and can be neatly packed and unpacked in a suitcase-size handy compartment. Another type of a portable wheelchair ramp is called a multi-fold ramp which folds and unfolds to a required length to access minivans, vans, and raised landings. Telescopic track ramp consists of two sets of tracks that extend and lock to access to mini and full sized vans. Roll up ramps are highly portable and help wheelchairs up curbs, short steps, or into steps. A portable wheelchair ramp called a threshold ramp help to cross thresholds and just make sure you are able to open and close the door where you attach it. These variants of a portable wheelchair ramp can possibly solve your mobile dilemma when you are in anyplace in anytime.

When choosing a portable wheelchair ramp always remember your design needs, durability of ramp materials, ramp bearing capacity, and its safety features. You can choose to rent or purchase a wheelchair ramp that fits your manual or power wheelchair. Technology and engineering shall improve these versions of a portable wheelchair ramp so we will be expecting for better versions in the future.

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